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Renowned Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center

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About Renowned Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center

Our drug rehabilitation program offers outpatient treatment for individuals living with less intense drug or alcohol dependency. All of our clients are men and woman who have a problem with the use of substances that are affecting their health, relationships and every aspect of their lives. Our approach to treatment has helped many people recover and live a happy and healthy substance free life. All clients are assessed individually and our comprehensive counseling and therapy programs are focused on addressing the client's individual needs.

There are many reasons a person finds themselves dependent on alcohol or drugs, and sometimes both. We will help you find the core reasons and help you develop new ways to approach stress and anxiety which are usually associated with substance use. Group therapy is very beneficial during sobriety. Sharing experiences with others and helping each other is very therapeutic and it's important to have a support system in which the group shares a common thread.

We are dedicated to our clients and their goal of recovery from substance use and our professional staff is here to assist you during your road to recovery. We understand this is a stressful time in your life and our caring and supportive team will make a difference.

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