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About TG Magellan LLC

Our professional staff of experienced counselors can help you in a variety of areas that have become troublesome or problematic in your life. We specialize in areas that are most important in your life like the loss of a job, broken relationships or gambling dependency. Sometimes just having an outside person to listen to and to offer helpful advice makes a big difference when it comes to stress, anxiety, money problems, and problems with relationships.

Stress and anxiety due to addiction during the recovery process is never easy. We know how hard it is to manage normal stress that affects us all every day but it's much harder when working toward sobriety from drug or alcohol use. We can make a difference with the way you view and handle this type of stress. We have helped hundreds of people and we can help you.

Don't let depression, anxiety, guilt or fear control your life anymore, give us a call and let us help. No matter what the issue is, there is always a solution and a better way of dealing with the pressure. You will find that here with our professional staff of counselors.

Call us @ (714) 503-0766 or Toll-Free 1-888-565-6401

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