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Sunnydale Center

Los Angeles County - Palmdale, California 93550 - (661) 200-0773

About Sunnydale Center

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Center offers intense Inpatient Treatment for substance abuse dependency. Chronically addicted clients are in need of intense treatment because of the severity and longevity of their illness. Addiction is a serious illness that requires in-depth treatment in a safe and comfortable setting because dependency to drugs and alcohol can be hard to over-come for many people. Our Medical Team of Healthcare Professionals and our Licensed Therapists are trained in the addiction recovery process. Our treatment program offers the best treatment tools available to help you in your recovery from drugs that have taken over your life.

Our peaceful and tranquil environment offers a serene place to recover from the dependency to drugs and alcohol. Our Licensed professional staff is a here to assist our clients during the recovery process as they achieve long-term sobriety and a substance free life. Our Substance Abuse Treatment Program consists of:

  1. In-depth psychological and physical evaluations that include follow-up throughout the program
  2. Medically assisted detoxification keeping the client comfortable during the detox process
  3. Individualized treatment programs designed specifically for the client
  4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  5. Individual Therapy
  6. Family Therapy upon request
  7. Follow-up counseling after treatment
  8. Stress Reduction Classes

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