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Springston Treatment

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About Springston Treatment

Sometimes outpatient therapy and treatment for substance abuse isn't enough, some people are in need of a much more intense approach when working toward abstinence and recovery. Our program for the treatment of substance abuse includes an assessment for each client to determine their individual treatment approach. These evaluations are necessary not only for determining the form of treatment needed but helps diagnose other mental or emotional issues that could be related to substance use.

Detoxification is necessary especially for individuals with long term substance use histories in order for treatment to be fully effective as the client works toward recovery. Medically assisted detox is based on the client's drug of abuse and mental and physical assessment. Licensed medical professionals oversee our detoxification process. After the detox process is completed, individualized treatment programs are designed for the client's needs specifically. Programs of treatment offered include:

  1. Full Assessments
  2. Detoxification
  3. Intensive Long Term Treatment
  4. Intensive Short Term Treatment
  5. Intensive Individual Therapy
  6. Intensive Group Therapy
  7. Prevention and Stress Management Programs
  8. Life Skills and problem solving

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