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Serene And Therapeutic Holistic Center

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About Serene And Therapeutic Holistic Center

Welcome to Serene and Therapeutic Holistic Center, we believe substance addiction can be successfully treated and the individual can find peace, renewed health and recovery from the use of drugs or alcohol. When a Holistic Approach to substance abuse treatment is taken the client is able to heal physically and emotionally which also allows for Spiritual growth.

It's important that each client is treated individually and in order to address areas of treatment, intensive assessments are done when the client enters into our Outpatient Treatment Facility. A dual diagnosis is common in people dependent on drugs or alcohol. When an individual is suffering from a psychiatric disorder as well as dependency this is known as a Dual diagnosis. If Depression or bipolar disorder for example is diagnosed, both the addiction and disorder are addressed throughout treatment.

Our Holistic Treatment Program includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is a very big part of substance abuse treatment. Changing habits are not easy but CBT is very helpful when a person needs to change unhealthy feelings, behaviors and thinking habits. This is crucial for anyone working toward sobriety and recovery from substance abuse.

Individual counseling, 12 Step Therapy, and Art Therapy are included in our outpatient treatment center. Healthy nutrition education is offered to our clients in order to heal the client physically and bring a healthy balance throughout the body. When a person's health is restored they also feel better about themselves.

Tai Chi is offered for those interested, this form of slow moving meditation improves health, balance, calmness, and positive awareness.

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