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About Sedars Gambling Therapy Inc

Gambling addiction or pathological gambling as it's often referred to as is increasing among young and older adults more than ever before. What's making this impulse control problem worse is the increase in online internet gambling, not only is it more convenient but very accessible. We have found that psychotherapy makes a difference for men and women suffering from the negative consequences experienced from pathological gambling.

Because gambling addiction is a progressive illness that continues to get worse, it's important for a person to seek help as soon as possible. We understand how hard it can be for someone to admit they have no control or that they have a gambling problem but they're not alone and our licensed professional staff of therapists can help. We provide cognitive behavioral based therapy for our clients, this form of therapy helps us make positive changes in the way we think, react and behave.

We have found that when our clients receive cognitive behavioral therapy and combine regular Gamblers Anonymous meetings in their local area, they're able to manage their impulsive behaviors and improve their lives. There's no cure for gambling addiction but we can change the way we think and behave where gambling is concerned.

Compulsive gamblers not only lose their ability to control their gambling behavior but they risk losing their financial security, homes, relationships, confidence and more. Stop the insanity now and find the freedom you deserve and lead a normal happy life.

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