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About RD Net Therapy

Are you addicted to online gaming, online relationship sites, chat rooms or the internet in general? Do you spend more time on the computer and the internet than you do with your family? More and more people today are becoming dependent on the internet as their way of socializing and family, friends, and sometimes careers are affected. In moderation, gaming and spending time on the internet can be educational as well as relaxing but some people spend excessive amounts of time on the internet and their work or relationships are affected. Many people are also addicted to online gambling sites and their financial obligations are also affected because of their online gaming addiction.

Some people addicted to the internet experience anxiety and agitation if they're unable to use the internet. Have you ever tried to cut down on the amount of time you spend on the internet and you experience feelings of anxiety, moodiness and irritability? Are relationships with family or friends suffering because of your internet dependency? Has your addiction to the internet caused you to be late for work or other important obligations more than once?

Individuals who are addicted to the internet experience a mental high when they're online and experience anxiety and sometimes depression if they're unable to use the computer or get online. Counseling has helped many people gain control of their compulsive internet behavior and we can help you too. You can still enjoy the internet without it affecting your relationships, your job, or your health.

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