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Parkridge Out-Patient Treatment Facility

Guilford County - Summerfield, North Carolina 27358 - (336) 441-1098

About Parkridge Out-Patient Treatment Facility

Parkridge is an outpatient recovery program that provides individualized counseling along with 12 step groups for people overcoming their use of street drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol for 12 years. Our outpatient programs are designed for people with less severe addiction issues but are still in need of help, guidance and support during their recovery. We find that when a person has the support of others who are also working on recovery they're able to achieve their goals while learning from each other.

Both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics anonymous group support are utilized in our outpatient substance abuse treatment. Meetings are held daily and are mandatory during outpatient treatment. We encourage our clients to continue with 12 step support when outpatient treatment is completed to maintain a healthy mental and spiritual recovery. Applying the principles of 12 step support in our daily lives strengthens recovery and helps to avoid relapse in the future.

Our counselors provide individual help and support for our clients helping them understand their addiction, identify underlying problems and address them, and help them with problem solving skills for the future. Family support is very important for our clients while working toward recovery; we also provide counseling for our clients and their families when in need.

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