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Obsessive Gaming Counseling Facility

Los Angeles County - Pacoima, California 91331 - (818) 485-2969

About Obsessive Gaming Counseling Facility

Seeking help for a gambling problem isn't always easy; it's difficult to admit that we have a problem with anything that we are unable to control like compulsive gambling. You're not along though; there are thousands of people in need of help because gambling has become a problem and they're unable to control their gambling behavior. The first step can be the hardest one, admitting that you have gambling problem and that you may be a compulsive gambler. The good news is, there is help, you're not alone, and you can find recovery for your gambling addiction.

Compulsive gambling is a progressive addiction that continues to get worse overtime. Problem gamblers find themselves restless and irritable when they're unable to gamble or when they try to stop. A compulsive gambler is unable to stop even though their behavior is affecting other areas of their life. Even though a person is aware of the fact that their gambling is having a negative effect on their family, relationships, jobs, or financial responsibilities, a compulsive gambler is unable to stop. Many problem gamblers can't be honest about the amount of time they spend gambling or how often. Some compulsive gamblers feel they have the extra finances so there's not a problem with their gambling behavior. This isn't always so, if you are unable to stop gambling, chase losses, can't be honest about your gambling behavior or feel the need to bet more and more money, then there's a problem and we can help.

Our intensive Therapy and Counseling Facility can help you or someone you know get your life back. We have helped hundreds of compulsive gamblers get their lives back and we want to help you too. Don't wait any longer because things will get worse, it always does. Let us help!

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