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National Eating Disorder Recovery Center

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About National Eating Disorder Recovery Center

We specialize in treating eating disorders and help women and men suffering from the mental, emotional and physical affects from this illness. There are many reasons why people find themselves in need of treatment and healing from eating disorders. Most people are ashamed and don't seek help on their own until it's too late. Intensive Cognitive Behavior Therapy along with nutrition education and therapy can help the person change the way they look at themselves and the way the feel about food.

Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorders are more common than most people realize and many young people as well as adults are in need of treatment. Recovery from eating disorders is achievable but not easy. We offer Intensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that's an effective way of helping the patient change the way they think about food and the way they feel about themselves.

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that commonly affects young adolescent girls and young adult women although some adolescent boys and young men also suffer from this eating disorder. Their intense fear of gaining weight is overwhelming and they restrict the amount of food they eat to a very unhealthy level. People suffering from anorexia nervosa see themselves as fat no matter what size they are, most are severely underweight and still see themselves as overweight.

Bulimia Nervosa is another form of an eating disorder in which the individual tends to eat a large amount of food quickly and then purges in order to get rid of the food to prevent weight gain. Many people take laxatives and water pills in hopes of preventing weight gain also.

Binge Eating Disorder is different than the eating disorders above; this form of eating disorder consists of consuming large amounts of food, faster than normal usually even when full. Most people suffering from binge eating disorders eat in secrecy and are embarrassed by their eating behavior. Many binge eaters are overweight or obese and suffer from depression.

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