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Lakeside Opiate Treatment

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About Lakeside Opiate Treatment

At Lakeside there are 3 phases to our opiate addiction recovery program. We make sure our residents are provided with crucial treatment and services that effectively benefit their recovery from addictions to heroin, and narcotics like Vicodin and Oxycontin among other opiate drugs. There are important phases a person goes through when recovering from drug addiction and we make sure our clients receive the safest and most effective treatment in an inpatient peaceful and warm environment. At Lakeside opiate treatment center our clients receive around the clock care in a tranquil setting so they can focus on healing and recovery.

Phase 1

The first phase to opiate treatment is medically supervised opiate detoxification that's overseen by one of our physicians and medical staff. Suboxone is administered to our patients minimizing opiate cravings and the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms experienced during this phase of treatment. When detox is completed our clients move into phase 2 to work toward their recovery.

Phase 2

In the second phase of treatment our clients receive full assessments which their individualized treatment programs are based upon. Everyone's needs are different and with treatment focused on the needs of each client individually they're able to address areas in their recovery that are unique to them. Individual and group therapy are part of our client's opiate recovery making sure that behavior changes that are needed for managing abstinence and sobriety can be focused on individually and with others sharing the same challenges. Throughout recovery our clients are re-evaluated making sure treatment continues to address the important issues needed for long term success. As our client's needs change during recovery their treatment can be adjusted accordingly. Addiction and relapse education is important during this phase of treatment providing our clients with the skills they need to cope with stress and challenges they may face when they return to their home environments. When our clients have completed recovery treatment and return home, phase 3 will begin.

Phase 3

After care counseling is very important for our clients when they return home, sometimes this can be overwhelming and there are issues that develop that can challenge their long term recovery. We provide counseling for our clients to help them maintain their successful recovery and all of the goals they have achieved for themselves during treatment.

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