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About Lakeshore Rehab Stimulant Drug Center

Adderall and other stimulant medications are becoming more and more commonly abused today by many teens, college students and even young adults. There are various reasons people abuse stimulant drugs like Adderall. No matter what the reasons are, the misuse of stimulant drugs can lead to addiction, overdose and possible death when these drugs are misused. Some of the stimulant drugs people are abusing for non-medical reasons today include Adderall, methamphetamines, amphetamines, and ecstasy (MDMA). These are all dangerous and addictive substances by themselves and even more harmful when abused.

Individualized Addiction Support and Treatment

We provide intensive outpatient treatment for people suffering from addiction because the use of these drugs has seriously changed their lives for the worse. Not only has their physical health been weakened due to drug use, but their mental and emotional health and well-being has been affected and they struggle every day fighting their addiction. We provide our client's with various individualized treatment programs and support groups to help them stop using Adderall or other stimulant drugs and learn how to live life successfully without them.

Medication Assisted Detox for Stimulant Addiction

Clients who are in need of detoxification due to their level of stimulant drug addiction receive medication assisted treatment in a nearby hospital setting which is determined during their admissions process. A team of highly trained and qualified physicians and other medical staff oversee our clients detox process and administers medications when necessary keeping them safe and comfortable at all times. Detoxification is different for each client and usually takes up to 3 to 5 days depending on the drug dependency and level of addiction.

Stimulant Drug Addiction Program

We personalize our client's treatment so that we're able to address areas of their life that has been affected by their stimulant drug use. Each client also has to develop their own skills for maintaining their abstinence and we provide various programs and therapies to help them reach their personal goals and manage their recovery.

We provide stimulant drug addiction treatment in our intensive outpatient program for teens, young and older adults who have found themselves dependent on drugs. When our client's come to us for help, they're emotionally, physically and psychologically miserable and their self-esteem and self-worth are destroyed. They may have started out using stimulant drugs for the purpose of getting high but once they became addicted, they continued to abuse Adderall and other substances just to exist. Adderall, Amphetamines, Ecstasy, and Cocaine are common stimulant drugs that are abused today and are abused for many different reasons.

Stimulant drugs increase energy levels, help with weight loss, help people to focus and stay alert but they're also dangerous substances that are addictive and lead to serious health problems and possible death. We want to help people stop using stimulant drugs and learn how to manage their daily life successfully without the need to get high or in order to exist. You too can overcome your dependency to Adderall or other drugs and improve your quality of life through our intensive outpatient stimulant drug addiction program. Make that call today and begin living your life substance free tomorrow with our help.

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