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LA Heroin Addiction & Counseling Center

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About LA Heroin Addiction & Counseling Center

Our outpatient drug rehabilitation and counseling center offers treatment to both men and women suffering from addiction to Heroin and other opiate drugs like Oxycontin and Morphine. We understand this is a sensitive and emotional time for anyone working toward abstinence and recovery from heroin and opiate dependency. Our goal is to not only to keep our patients comfortable during treatment for heroin dependency but to educate them about heroin, opiates and other drugs of abuse.

Offering better positive ways to manage their lives also helps to prevent relapse in the future. Our medically assisted treatment program has proven to be successful utilizing methadone and Suboxone for clients in need during treatment and for managing dependency to heroin and other opiate drugs. Our outpatient program allows our clients to work their treatment around their normal daily routine while working toward recovery.

Counseling is an important part of any substance abuse treatment program. Individual counseling is necessary during this time because stress plays a big role in depression and anxiety. During individual counseling better ways to handle stress and problem solving techniques helps keep life manageable during this time and is essential for long term abstinence and recovery from heroin and opiate use.

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