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Groceman Counseling Centre.

Los Angeles County - Montebello, California 90640 - (323) 306-5688

About Groceman Counseling Centre.

Groceman Counseling Centre provides counseling services for adults, adolescents, children and family associated with mental health issues and substance abuse problems. Depression, anxiety and panic disorder can be debilitating for anyone suffering from one of these mental health issues. Every-day stress just seems to make matters worse, sometimes to your breaking point.

Major depression is a mood disorder that doesn't just affect a person for short periods of time like normal depression does. Major depression affects a person every day, day and night, for an extended period of time. Normal anxiety is just the way we react to stress and stressful situations. Chronic anxiety disorder is very different; those who are affected worry all the time even if there is no reason for it. Anyone suffering from chronic anxiety or panic disorders has physical symptoms associated with their anxiety which includes headaches, tension, fatigue and much more.

People of all ages find themselves dependent on substances like illegal drugs or prescription drugs. There are many reasons behind substance use and misuse. Depression, stress, family problems, pain due to injuries and poor choices are just a few of the reasons dependency to drugs or substances take place. At Groceman Counseling Centre we offer individual and family counseling which can help you deal with stress, depression, anxiety and substance use. Sometimes just having someone to talk to or to listen helps.

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