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Gardengrove Adolescent Treatment Center

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About Gardengrove Adolescent Treatment Center

Adolescent Substance Abuse

Is your adolescent or teen making negative and destructive choices that involves drinking or using designer drugs or other substances? Is their substance abuse not only affecting their behavior but also having an impact on them academically, affecting their relationships with friends and also causing serious problems at home? We understand your fears and concerns and the seriousness associated with teenage drinking and substance abuse problems and we can make a difference.

About Us

We provide intensive outpatient treatment for adolescent substance abuse problems and utilize individual counseling, therapy and addiction education for young people and their families so that everyone involved can heal. Parents actively participate in our addiction education programs and also attend group therapy sessions so they can get a better understanding of their child's use of drugs or alcohol. We also provide family counseling to help families develop positive communication between parents and their adolescent and so that important feelings and issues can be worked through and healing can take place.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our young people so they're able to make positive choices and change negative behaviors that will impact their lives and possibly destroy their futures. Making a choice to drink alcohol or use drugs when we're young can eventually lead to a life of addiction and possibly death. We want to empower adolescents with knowledge and raise their self-esteem so that the goals they set in life are achievable and don't include drinking problems or drug abuse.

Our adolescent substance abuse program provides evidence based treatment practices to help young people understand the dangers and seriousness behind underage drinking and drug use. It isn't easy being a parent nor is it easy growing up today because underage drinking and drug use is so prevalent. There are various reasons adolescents and teens begin drinking or experimenting with drugs and we help them get to the root of their problems, increase their self-esteem and improve their relationships at home.

We understand how painful and difficult it is for parents and caregivers when a child is making negative choices that involve alcohol or drugs. Let our qualified licensed therapists and addiction counselors help you and your adolescent work through substance abuse issues and bring the family unit closer together. Our young people have their whole lives ahead of them and we want them to make the most of their future, give us a call.

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