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Frontier Treatment

Solano County - Fairfield, California 94533 - (707) 220-8382

About Frontier Treatment

Our Detoxification and Behavioral Therapy Facility has helped drug and alcohol dependent men and women break free from the chains of addiction. Our facility offers treatment options that best fit your needs.

  1. Long Term Inpatient Programs which includes detoxification
  2. Short Term Inpatient Programs which includes detoxification
  3. Outpatient Programs which includes detoxification
  4. Evaluations for each patient
  5. Behavioral Therapy daily
  6. Individual counseling daily
  7. Aftercare counseling

We're dedicated to helping our patients detox from drug abuse safely, comfortably, and as stress free as possible. Medications are used to keep our patients calm during this stressful time. This is an emotional and sometimes traumatic time for anyone going through the detoxification process. We understand that and our professional medical staff are dedicated to helping you through this process.

When a person has lived with addiction for an extended period of time it can be overwhelming to think about life without the use of drugs or alcohol. Even though sobriety and recovery is what the patient is seeking. Thinking and anticipating life without the use of drugs or alcohol can be scary and overwhelming; this has been a long-time crutch for many people. Our detoxification process is safe and stress free.

Once the detox process is completed Individualized Behavioral Therapy begins helping the patient learn to cope with stress and anxiety as well as other problems that arise in their life. Our Behavioral Therapy is an intense form of therapy that is necessary during and after recovery.

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