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Flemming-House For Alcohol & Chemical Addiction

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About Flemming-House For Alcohol & Chemical Addiction

At Flemming-House we offer a wide range of treatment options for individuals suffering from alcoholism or chemical dependency. Addiction is a chronic disease and we have found that when combining CBT which is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12 Step Based Individualized Treatment Programs, Addiction and Relapse Prevention Education and After Care Treatment our clients can look forward to successful chemical free recovery.

Our clients receive a full and complete mental, emotional, and physical assessment when entering into our Inpatient Treatment Program of Recovery. Treatment programs are designed based on the individuals assessment, every client's treatment is individualized because no two clients are the same.

Detoxification is overseen by our qualified medical staff to ensure our client's safety and comfort level during the withdrawal process. This is the first step toward recovery but without follow-up treatment, relapse would be inevitable.

We understand how emotionally hard it is on our client's in the beginning of their treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction and our compassionate staff is dedicated to helping our clients with whatever their needs are.

Comprehensive Treatment

  1. Detoxification
  2. Full and Complete Assessment
  3. Individualized Designed Treatment Programs
  4. Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  5. CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  6. Individual and Group Therapy Sessions
  7. 12 Step Based Programs
  8. Addiction and Relapse Prevention Education
  9. Stress Management Education
  10. After Care Treatment

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