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Essense 12-Step Recovery

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About Essense 12-Step Recovery

Are you in need of treatment for drug or alcohol dependency? Maybe someone you love and care about is in need of recovery from the use of drugs or alcohol. We understand how difficult it can be coming to terms with the fact that you are in need of help for dependency to substances that are affecting your life. Finding a treatment center you can be comfortable with is very important for anyone recovering from drug or alcohol use.

Our comprehensive outpatient treatment program is run by compassionate and caring trained professionals who want to help you with your recovery from substance use. Detoxification doesn't have to be overwhelming and uncomfortable; we can help you manage your withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol safely, comfortably, and stress-free. Detox is the first step that's needed to rid the body of chemicals which cause physical and emotional dependency.

Our 12 Step meetings are very beneficial when working toward sobriety from drugs or alcohol use. Individual and Family counseling are also part of our outpatient treatment program. Our licensed therapists work with our clients individually addressing areas that are important and crucial to their recovery. Developing positive strategies to prevent relapse is very important in abstinence and recovery.

We have helped hundreds of clients recover from the use of alcohol and drugs and maintain sobriety. With our help and dedication you can too, one day at a time.

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