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Compulsive Gamblers Behavior Therapy

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About Compulsive Gamblers Behavior Therapy

Compulsive gambling is also referred to as pathological gambling, this is when a person is incapable of resisting the urge to gamble. Most compulsive gamblers find themselves thinking about gambling all of the time. Because gambling is a problem a compulsive gambler is unable to honest about their gambling behavior and lie about it. Many compulsive gamblers take time away from their families and sometimes their jobs and spend it gambling. Most problem gamblers feel bad after-words but can't stop.

Compulsive gamblers many times spend money that's needed for bills and other financial commitments which causes financial problems as well.

Men as well as women suffer from compulsive gambling and it can affect every area of their life. Gambling problems affects relationships, causes financial problems, sometimes legal problems, can affect your job, and unfortunately has led to suicide for some.

We realize that admitting you have a gambling problem is extremely hard but there is help for you or someone you care about. We can help with our individual counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy program, and our 12 step group sessions. We will also help with recovery skills that will help you during times of weakness because willpower at first isn't always enough. Our Therapist's will also help you develop coping skills that are beneficial in all areas of your life, especially when you're not gambling anymore. You will learn to recognize situations that trigger your urges to gamble and strategies to avoid them.

Family therapy is part of our program because compulsive gambling affects the entire family unit. We are here for the whole family as we help you overcome your gambling problem; we can help you regain control of your choices, behaviors, and your life.

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