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Body and Soul Alcoholism Therapy Center

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About Body and Soul Alcoholism Therapy Center

Our substance abuse treatment program incorporates a Spiritual Approach of rehabilitation and healing for individuals seeking sobriety from drugs and alcohol. We understand that addiction is an illness and that it takes much more than willpower to beat, but we know with the right approach it's treatable. Evaluations are done with every patient to ensure proper treatment is designed to meet their needs. If the patient is a poly-drug user, both substances are treated and integrated into their treatment program.

We offer Residential Treatment for those with more intense dependency issues as well as Outpatient Treatment for less severe dependency. Our staff consists of highly qualified nurses, counselors, and therapists as well as a physician for patients in need of medication if deemed necessary.

Our detoxification program is taken very seriously offering compassion and understanding for the patient. Every means is taken to make sure withdrawal symptoms are as comfortable as possible. This is a very anxious and worrisome time for our patients and we are dedicated to making detoxification as painless and easy as possible. When detox is completed comprehensive therapy that's been individualized for the patient begins.

Our behavior therapy, individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy are based on a Spiritual Approach which not only focuses on the substance of use but on the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of the individual. We believe that in order to achieve a successful recovery from substance abuse of any kind, the whole person has to be addressed and treated. Nutrition classes are also integrated into our substance abuse treatment program; these educational classes are beneficial when addressing physical healing.

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