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About Behavior & Dependency Intervention Services

Sometimes a person that has a problem with drugs, alcohol or gambling is unaware that their addictive behaviors have spun out of control and no matter what the consequences are they continue to engage in dangerous and serious behavior. Substance abuse and alcoholism not only affects the addict or alcoholic but it affects the entire family. Loved ones are just as destroyed as the addict and have tried everything they know how to help their loved one without success. This is partially due to being too close to the situation and sometimes a 3rd party with knowledge in addiction and experience in defensive addictive behaviors can make a difference.

We have been conducting professional interventions with families and friends of individuals addicted to drugs, alcohol and gambling for over 15 years and we understand how the addict, alcoholic or problem gambler is going to react. It takes patience, compassion and experience when trying to get the individual to see their need for help and treatment and break through their wall of denial. We have been successful helping family and friends get the help their loved one needs to overcome their addictions to illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and gambling and we know we can help you too.

One of our professional interventionists meets with the family ahead of time and we work out a plan of intervention together so everyone involved other than the loved one with the problem knows what to expect. If you or someone you know has a loved one or friend in need of a professional intervention to help them receive the treatment they so desperately need to overcome their addiction to drugs, alcohol or problem gambling we are here waiting to help.

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