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A Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Danbury

Fairfield County County - Danbury, Connecticut 06810 - (203) 297-6075

About A Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Danbury

At A Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Danbu, we are interested in your recovery above all else. By using therapy, support groups, and medication regimens that are tailored to your needs, we can help you move forward toward your own eventual rehabilitation.

While patients attend their therapy sessions, there is also room for quiet reflection and meditation as treatment. It has been documented that activities like yoga, journaling, and nature walks can be just as effective as formal treatment, and you will find the possibility for such activities here.

Recovery is a difficult road and one many people feel that they must journey alone. However, it has been significantly proven that rehabilitation centers with a strong therapy program are helpful to the recovery of many who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Our trained and friendly medical team will help you through what has no doubt been one of the most difficult times in your life and will teach you strategies for changing not only your actions but your attitude toward substance use.

Behavioral treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy will help you learn to assess your triggers, cravings, and coping strategies and to learn better ways of dealing with your stressors which you can use after you leave the facility. And those who leave the program will know a new level of confidence and calmness which can be applied toward recovery. If you are ready to end the hold addiction has on you, come to our facility and let us help you achieve the sober life you have been wanting to live.

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