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Therapeutic Addiction Recovery

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About Therapeutic Addiction Recovery

Traditional treatment programs for dependency to alcohol and other substances deals mainly with the substance abused and offers counseling and therapy. This type of treatment approach is necessary when working toward recovery from drug abuse but we find that including a spiritual based treatment and healing program takes rehabilitation a step further.

Addiction doesn't just alter the way our brain functions; it alters us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Anyone who suffers from dependency to drugs or alcohol can tell you how broken their spirit is, how they have lost their zest for life, and that their health has been neglected. Our treatment approach is designed to heal your body from the inside out, healing our minds, bodies and soul as we work toward a healthy safe recovery from the abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Our treatment program incorporates healing of the mind with counseling and therapy, meditation, and yoga therapy. Nutritional Education is focused on because our physical health needs to be in balance for our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Utilizing 12 Step based programs in treatment provides spiritual based principles used while working toward sobriety and a substance free recovery.

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