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Tangers Counseling Center

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About Tangers Counseling Center

Do you or someone you know need help with a gambling problem? We offer >Addiction Counseling for anyone dealing with a gambling addiction. Many men and women's lives have been affected due to problem gambling. This form of behavior causes problems in every area of a problem gamblers life. Compulsive gamblers tend to be obsessive and preoccupied with gambling. Problem gamblers are unable to control their gambling behavior in spite of the negative consequences associated with their behavior. This form of gambling behavior is a progressive addiction and continues to get worse over time.

Problem compulsive gamblers experience emotional and physical symptoms when they try to stop gambling. Many people experience irritability and restlessness when they're unable to gamble. Many men and women have lost their jobs, relationships, homes, and health due to problem gambling. If you find yourself thinking about gambling all the time and lying about your gambling behavior you too may need help. If you are gambling away money needed for bills or chasing losses we can help. We have helped hundreds of men and women just like you with their gambling addiction. We can help you or someone you know with this compulsive behavior find recovery from problem gambling.

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