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Surviving Alcoholism Center

Orange County - Anaheim, California 92804 - (818) 334-2808

About Surviving Alcoholism Center

At SAC we specialize in alcoholism and dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis consists of a mental disorder along with dependency. Our experienced staffs of Physicians, Therapists and substance abuse Counselors are dedicated to helping those in need of treatment for alcohol dependency and mental disorders like anxiety disorders, depression and bipolar disorder. Extensive individual assessments are done on every patient to determine the mental, emotional and physical health of each client. Medically assisted detoxification is overseen by our physicians and the client's detox process is made as comfortable as possible.

An individualized treatment approach is designed for each client treating the dual diagnosis as well as alcohol dependency issues. 12 Step Group Therapy is a big part of our treatment process which enables each client to learn, share and help each other through the recovery process. Individual counseling and prevention education programs are a part of our daily treatment approach. Our alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment facility offers long term residential treatment for our clients and length of stay depends entirely on the client's needs. Most of our clients stay between 6 to 12 months working hard on abstinence, Relapse Prevention and sobriety and are able to maintain sobriety after recovery.

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