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California Substance Abuse Treatment Types

Substance Abuse Intervention

Sometimes the best decision you can make for someone you love that's dealing with addiction is an Intervention. When someone you love is in need of help for alcohol or substance abuse and they are unable or not ready to make that first step themselves, an Intervention can be their first step toward treatment and recovery. When family and friends seek the help of a professional interventionist the individual doesn't feel threatened in the same way they would if approached by just family, denial is a hard barrier to break through. Professional Interventionists have experience in the field of self-denial associated with dependency and can help the individual understand their need for help.


Detox may be necessary for those seeking treatment and recovery from alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs. Detox should be done by experienced professionals because serious medical risks can be associated with withdrawals depending on the substance abused. Medications can be administered if needed to make the patient more comfortable while going through withdrawal symptoms. Professional and safe detoxification also helps prevent relapse during treatment and rehabilitation. Detox needs to be followed by substance abuse treatment in order to be effective long term.

There are many treatment options available for dependency to drugs and alcohol. Treatment approaches are different for each person and are designed to fit the individual's needs after a full assessment is done. Treatment options include:

Residential Inpatient Treatment

Often times residential treatment programs are necessary especially for individuals with severe chronic dependency. Structured residential programs are designed for the individual to receive treatment that can last between 6 to 12 months in a safe environment while working toward recovery. Residential Treatment has proved to be effective for those with a long history of drug abuse.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment is an option for individuals with a less extensive drug history, this enables them to stay with their family and continue to work. During outpatient treatment the individual returns for behavioral therapy, counseling and other programs offered that meet the individuals specific needs.

12 Step Programs

A 12 Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are very beneficial to those working towards abstinence and recovery. Sharing, supporting and learning from others that share the same desire to stop using substances strengthens their determination to stay clean.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Treatment Therapy is essential for those being treated for substance abuse and dependency. They learn to modify their behavior and attitudes associated with drug abuse and learn healthy life skills needed to maintain recovery from substance abuse.

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps to heal and strengthen relationships that have been affected by substance abuse. Family members gain a better understanding of what dependency is and means to the user. It is equally important that the addict understands what their loved ones have gone through and what their addiction has done to them. Family therapy helps heal everyone involved and opens the door to healthy communication between all members of the family.

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