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Renewed Body Treatment Center

Ventura County - Oxnard, California 93030 - (805) 248-7272

About Renewed Body Treatment Center

Dependency to drugs and alcohol destroys the life of the user as well as the family. Many users find it hard to believe there's life without the use of chemicals and alcohol because they have used substances and alcohol for so long. We understand your fears and we're here to help. Addiction is a disease that strips away your mind and your spirit. When a person's mind, body and spirit are healed they can be free of the need for these substances and go on to live healthy and happy lives, thousands of people have.

Our drug and alcohol treatment program includes detoxification from drugs and alcohol in a safe stress free environment with your safety and comfort in mind. Individual complete assessments are done for each client before treatment begins and is modified during recovery if needed. Our Residential Rehabilitation Program includes the following programs which will help restore your emotional, physical, and spiritual health in our serene and calming environment. Alcohol and Drug Detoxification, 12 Step Therapy, Stress and Life Skills, Meditation, Nutrition Education, Family Support Sessions, Art Therapy, Recreational Family Activities and relapse prevention education. We can help you rebuild your life and achieve sobriety so you can enjoy life the way it was meant to be.

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