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Priceless Life Eating Disorder Institute

San Bernardino County - Rialto, California 92376 - (909) 587-5546

About Priceless Life Eating Disorder Institute

There's an urgent need in our country for education and treatment for nutrition and health. Many people suffer in silence because of life threatening eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. People suffering from binge eating disorders are in danger as well. Food obsessions are very common anymore in young people and adult women. The mental, emotional, and physical consequences from eating disorders are serious for everyone and deadly for some.

Our Eating Disorder Treatment Center takes this illness very seriously because we understand the emotional and physical issues that are associated with this illness. In the peaceful comfort of our Residential Facility we offer comprehensive treatment programs that are individualized for every patient. Our team consists of Physicians, Therapists, Counselors and Nutritionists that are on staff at all times because we realize how sensitive and serious eating disorders are. Full medical assessments are done when entering into our Eating Disorder Facility and follow-ups are done periodically throughout treatment.

Our treatment approach utilizes many forms of therapy and education because the patient is in need of healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very important because people suffering from eating disorders need to change the way they see them self, how they view their bodies, and the way they view food. Individualized Therapy is geared toward the individual specifically and their personal needs. Group Therapy is a 12 Step program of sharing, learning and helping others suffering with eating disorders. Family Therapy is very important because eating disorders affect the patients loved ones also. They get a better understanding of what their loved one is going through and positive ways to help them. Nutrition Classes are part of our eating disorder treatment program because it's important for patients to change their unhealthy thinking and unhealthy consumption of food. Meditation and Yoga are forms of therapy that helps the patient heal their minds and bodies while reducing stress, anxiety and depression. We Understand, We Care, and We Can Help.

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