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New Life Heroin Dependency Centre

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About New Life Heroin Dependency Centre

Do you or someone you know have an addiction to heroin and need help to recover from this extremely serious dependency? At New Life our Residential Treatment Facility has helped hundreds of men and women dependent on heroin regain their health and successfully recover from their drug use. Our licensed team of Physicians, Therapists and Drug Counselors understand that recovering from heroin addiction is a difficult process. Our staff is dedicated to our clients making sure they're as comfortable and stress free as possible during their recovery treatment.

Heroin is used by more substance users as much now as ever before. Some say it's more popular now because it's cheaper than ever before. Heroin is addictive and with regular use causes tolerance and addiction very fast. There are so many serious health risks involved with heroin use that the user of heroin risks heart trouble, infections of the heart lining and overdose. We understand that once this drug takes hold, the user is in need of treatment in order to stop using.

A complete assessment for each client is done before individualized treatment is designed. The results of the client's assessment determine what areas of treatment need to be addressed and which areas are critical. Follow up evaluations are done throughout the client's treatment process. Intensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Art Therapy and Relapse Prevention Programs are all part of our Recovery Treatment.

Recovering from serious addictions to heroin takes time but recovery is possible because hundreds of men and women have. Our staff welcomes our clients with open arms because they believe life is precious and addiction is a disease that robs you of your mind, health and your spirit. You're not alone here; we are with you every step of the way!

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