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LT Center For Teens

Orange County - Orange, California 92867 - (714) 912-9699

About LT Center For Teens

Many teens and young adults are in need of treatment for their dependency to substances that are affecting their lives emotionally, physically and in every other aspect of their life. There are many reasons young people experiment with drugs and other substances. Curiosity, peer pressure, problems at home, trauma, abuse, and depression are some of the reasons. These are just a few reasons young people find themselves dependent on substances like drugs or alcohol and are in need of treatment.

Our outpatient treatment program provides the necessary tools young people need to help them stop using substances that are affecting their lives and understand what addiction is and the dangerous affects associated with substance abuse. We help our young people deal with peer pressure and build self-esteem. Intensive therapy is provided for those in need of therapeutic treatment due to trauma and abuse.

  1. Individual Counseling
  2. Intensive Individual Therapy
  3. Coping skills for managing peer pressure and low self esteem
  4. Group Therapy
  5. Family Therapy
  6. Life Skills Education
  7. Prevention Education

Call us @ (714) 912-9699 or Toll-Free 1-888-565-6401

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