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About Lifestyle Addiction Rehab

We specialize in treating people with substance abuse problems providing them with the necessary tools needed for a successful recovery. Medically assisted detoxification is part of our recovery program. Medications are used during the detox withdrawal process, it's important that our patients are as comfortable as possible during this time. Every drug of addiction is different and medications are geared toward the individual and their withdrawal symptoms.

When detox is completed, treatment programs are constructed based on the clients own unique needs. Individual counseling is part of our treatment process. Behavioral Therapy is essential for anyone working toward recovery. Changing old behaviors and managing stress is an important part of our recovery program. Getting rid of negative choices and replacing them with healthy positive new behaviors and choices makes a big difference and reduces stress. Because stress isn't something we can always pick and choose, learning better ways to handle stressful situations is essential for preventing relapse in the future.

Our addiction rehab program offers residential treatment for anyone dealing with long-term or chronic substance or alcohol abuse. Sometimes a person needs to be away from old environments and needs more intensive therapy and treatment to ensure a successful recovery. Outpatient treatment is designed for people dealing with intermittent or occasional substance or alcohol use. We understand what our clients are going through and their desire for recovery and we are dedicated to helping them get there.

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