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Lawsom Detox Rehab

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About Lawsom Detox Rehab

At Lawsom we have found that integrating safe and comfortable detoxification, outpatient substance abuse treatment, and individual counseling and therapy is successful for those seeking long term recovery from the use of alcohol and drugs. Our qualified professional staff is here to help you reach your goals and live life free from the need of alcohol and other substances.

Many substance users are more afraid and concerned about detox than they are the treatment and recovery process. Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol don't seek help for their dependency because of their apprehension associated with detoxification and withdrawal. Medically assisted detoxification helps our patients going through the withdrawal process safely and as comfortable as possible.

Our outpatient treatment program includes individual counseling and therapy that's geared toward every clients own personal needs. Because our outpatient treatment program allows clients to remain in their homes with their loved ones, counseling and therapy sessions are worked around their schedule. Working toward recovery from substance use can be stressful; working around our clients schedule avoids unnecessary added stress.

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