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About Keenon Intervention Group

Recovering from the addiction to drugs and alcohol can be bitter-sweet for some people suffering from dependency. Drug use is familiar to them and even though the addiction is having a negative effect on their health, relationships, and every other area of their life, it's what they're familiar with. The thought of living life without using is what many addicts want but they're afraid to take that step and afraid of living life without them. It's hard for the addict's family to watch their loved one destroy themselves this way and at the same time, the family is being destroyed.

Professional Interventions can help the addict work through their denial they live behind and help them see their need for help. Using an understanding, caring yet straight forward approach, professional Interventionists are able to help the addict understand their need for treatment and see what drug and alcohol use had done to their life. A planned intervention not only helps the user in need but helps the families in their time of crisis. We can help the one you love and care about get the professional help and treatment they need in order to recover from their painful addiction, it's not too late.

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