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FYM Meditation Center

San Mateo County - San Mateo, California 94403 - (650) 472-3005

About FYM Meditation Center

Meditation can help reduce stress and bring precious inner peace to those that practice this tranquil form of therapy. Individuals working toward recovery from drug and alcohol dependency find that relaxing the mind and finding inner peace helps them with abstinence and reducing anxiety.

We help our clients learn how to rest your mind and body which is beneficial for peace of mind, tranquility, and inner-peace. Practicing meditation along with substance use treatment or therapy helps the healing process you're going through which can be especially hard during this time. Meditation will help you enhance and improve your physical and emotional health and well-being. Some people find that combining meditation along with 12 Step Support Groups like AA and NA makes all the difference in terms of abstinence and sobriety.

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