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About First-Step Recovery

At First Step Recovery we believe successful recovery from drug use is obtainable for anyone if given the chance. Thousands of people have recovered from drug addiction and you can too. We believe in order to have long-term recovery from the clutches of addiction the individual needs to have their substance abuse treatment designed especially for them. Our Residential Treatment Program offers the tools you need to live a healthy balanced substance free life during and after recovery.

Our treatment program consists of an intense evaluation to determine other leading factors that may play a part in the client's dependency to drugs. Many times people who find themself dependent on substances like prescription drugs, opiates or stimulants are also dealing with depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety disorder.

It's not uncommon for someone who has a problem with drugs or alcohol to also have a mental health issue. Sometimes the individual has never been diagnosed let alone treated for their mental health issue and their dependency to drugs is a way of medicating themselves. When there is a mental health issue along with a drug problem this falls into the category of Dual Diagnosis. In order to successfully recover from dependency and addiction both the illness and substance abuse issues need to be addressed and treated.

Individualized counseling combined with Behavioral Therapy helps the individual learn to make better choices and teaches them useful and successful ways to deal with stress. Sometimes medications are necessary for individuals suffering from a Dual Diagnosis which makes managing stress much easier.

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