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Cocaine Addiction is a highly addictive and powerful illness that's destroys many users lives. Because the addiction to cocaine is so strong and powerful long-term treatment is needed for many individuals suffering from this disease. Our Inpatient Residential Treatment Facility is designed for individuals suffering from long-term use of cocaine.

If you or someone you care about has abused cocaine and is suffering from chronic cocaine addiction we can help. Intense treatment is needed after the detoxification process is completed. Medically assisted detox is the first step before cocaine treatment and rehabilitation can begin. Full assessments are done before detoxification and throughout the recovery process; adjustments in treatment are made when deemed necessary.

Intense individual therapy is part of our cocaine treatment program as we focus on changing thoughts and behaviors that were unhealthy in the past.

Group therapy that includes a 12 Step based format is also part of our intense cocaine treatment program. Sharing, helping other cocaine addicts, and learning from others going through the same thing strengthens the desire to stay clean from the use of cocaine.

Focusing on positive life skills and positive ways of handling anxiety and stress is a part of our program that's integrated with individual and group therapy. This also helps with reducing the chance of relapse after recovery. You too can recover from the disease of cocaine addiction with our intense treatment program. Cocaine has controlled you long enough, now it's your turn to be in control.

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