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About Cocaine Group Support and Treatment Center

Cocaine addiction can be extremely serious if gone untreated. This highly addictive stimulant is used by thousands of adults and young people and many of them are in serious need of treatment for their dependency. We understand just how serious cocaine dependency can be and our experienced dedicated staff is here to help you find recovery in our Group Support Treatment Center.

Whether your use of cocaine was occasional or chronic individualized treatment plans are formulated to best fit your personal needs. Before treatment plans begin a mental and physical assessment is done to establish any underlying mental health issues or physical health issues with each client. Any health issues found will be addressed by our licensed staff of professionals. Detoxification is carefully monitored and medications are applied if needed to make sure withdrawal process is safe and comfortable for the client.

After the detoxification process is completed treatment plans that have been designed for the client begin. Behavioral Therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy are all part of our cocaine treatment program, it's important to address any and all issues relating to the clients life and history of drug use. It's is also crucial to long term recovery and to prevent relapse that our clients learn healthy and beneficial ways to manage stress.

Changing negative habits and harmful negative thinking is taught through behavior therapy. Eliminating unhealthy learned behaviors and replacing them with positive thinking and choices has proved to be successful in long term sobriety and recovery from cocaine addiction and dependency. We have helped hundreds of clients find recovery from their cocaine dependency and we can help you too.

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