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Center-4 Successful Rehab

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About Center-4 Successful Rehab

Our chronic addiction and treatment facility has helped hundreds of clients get the individualized treatment needed to prevent relapse and embrace long term recovery. Addiction is a relapsing disease but with treatment and rehabilitation specifically designed to meet the client's needs recovery is reachable. Many chronic substance users have gone on to live happy drug free lives when the right treatment approach is used during rehab.

In-depth assessments are done to determine the mental, emotional, and physical status of each client before treatment and therapy begin. It's very common not only for there to be health issues that need to be addressed but possible mental problems to be addressed like depression and anxiety. Dual diagnosis is quite commonly associated with chronic addiction and chronic relapse. Diagnosing and treating mental disorders is crucial to long term relapse prevention and recovery.

Our long term drug rehabilitation center is designed with the chronic drug user in mind, residential treatment is necessary because chronic addiction requires intense therapy interventions in order to prevent relapse during recovery. Our treatment and rehabilitation program consists of the following programs to ensure success in their road to abstinence, sobriety and recovery.

  1. Thorough in-depth mental, emotional, and physical assessment
  2. Medically assisted detoxification
  3. Intense Individual Therapy
  4. Intense Group Therapy
  5. Behavioral Therapy
  6. Intense Relapse Prevention Program
  7. Life Skills
  8. Art Therapy
  9. Fitness Program
  10. Mindful Meditation Therapy
  11. After Care Therapy

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