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About Carnage Individual & Family Therapy

Therapy is a very important part of any Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Individual and family counseling not only helps the substance user understand the nature of their illness but helps the family members affected by this disease.

There are many reasons an individual may find themselves dependent on drugs or other substances. It's crucial to their recovery to find the reasons behind their drug use. Many times there are underlying issues associated with their use of drug or other substances. Recognizing possible issues and working through them helps the individual make better choices in the future.

Some of the underlying issues behind substance use and misuse are:

  1. Stress
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiety
  4. Panic attacks
  5. Self-esteem issues
  6. Chemical imbalances
  7. Child abuse and molestation
  8. Mental illness

Family therapy can be very beneficial and therapeutic for all members of the family because substance abuse and addiction doesn't just affect the user; it affects every member of the family. Each member in the family is affected by a loved one's substance abuse differently and their emotional pain is real. The whole family needs to heal from the effects of addiction and therapy aids in the healing process validating their feelings. Through therapy the whole family learns healthy positive ways to communicate with each other which strengthens the family unit.

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