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Callen Intervention

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About Callen Intervention

Our Intervention Treatment Facility knows just how hard addiction is on everyone involved, the family is in crisis as well as the dependent drug or alcohol user. When a loved one or friend is addicted to substances that are controlling their life, destroying their life, and making those around them miserable, a Professional Intervention can help. Our trained Interventionists have experience dealing with addicts that aren't ready on their own to realize their need for help and treatment for their disease.

Families and friends are caught up in the illness and the serious effects of the disease and are in no position to get through to their loved ones the seriousness of their illness. That's what we're here for, we can not only get your loved one to see the need for treatment but we make sure the right treatment is provided that meets their specific needs. We know how to talk to the addict without serious confrontation and defensive behavior taking over from your loved one. We realize this is extremely hard on them and they deserve patience, compassion and understanding too.

Many times families try to intervene on their own and it backfires, your loved one can get defensive and feel they're being backed into a corner. Let us help you help your loved one or friend find their need for help and treatment for their substance abuse addiction. We can make a difference in their life and in yours.

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