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Autumn Springs Family Counseling

Greenville County - Greenville, South Carolina 29609 - (864) 551-2398

About Autumn Springs Family Counseling

There are times throughout life when problems arise and it's necessary and helpful to receive guidance and support through a counselor that specializes in family therapy. We help our clients identify problems and help them find helpful positive solutions focusing on goals for the future and not dwelling in the past. We provide individual, marital, couples and family therapy which strengthens relationships, improves communication, and resolves conflicts within the family.

There are many areas family counseling can benefit from which can include financial problems, marital problems, adolescent and teen issues, conflicts between the parents and children, and substance abuse. Sometimes families separate due to divorce which can cause conflict within the whole family. Many problems can arise and cause conflicts within blended families as well.

All families face conflicts and problems from time to time and life can become challenging when communication breaks down and life becomes stressful. Communication problems are very common among couples, children, and parents sometimes and we help families set emotional boundaries in order to improve the way they interact and communicate with each other.

Through family counseling no matter what the problems are, each member is able to be heard and understood. Emotional boundaries are set which dramatically improves communication among couples, children, and parents. We can help strengthen your relationship, resolve conflict and set healthy goals for the future, give us a call we're here to help.

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