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A1 Suboxone Facility

San Bernardino County - Fontana, California 92335 - (909) 587-5590

About A1 Suboxone Facility

If you or someone you know is addicted to opiates like heroin, morphine, pain pills, or codeine Suboxone treatment will make a big difference in your recovery process. Many people are fearful of the detoxification process because of the withdrawal symptoms that take place during this time. Suboxone Treatment helps with the withdrawal symptoms during detoxification decreasing the normal physical cravings experienced during detox and making this process much more comfortable. Suboxone treatment is monitored and controlled by our medical staff in order to maintain a safe and effective recovery.

Behavioral Therapy and Individual counseling is part of our Suboxone Treatment Program. Our Counseling and Therapy sessions are necessary during treatment because stress is inevitable in our lives. During recovery from opiate addiction it's important to combat stressful situations that once triggered the use of heroin, painkillers, or other opiate drugs. Behavioral Therapy helps the individual make better choices and maintain healthy thinking. Because no two people are alike, counseling and therapy are designed exclusively for each individual.

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